Monday, December 06, 2021


Proud to be conservative

We have every right to be proud of the fact that we respect order, responsibility, hard work, and adherence to standards of decency, and societal stability.  We strive to better our condition and admire others who do so as well.  We are skeptical of those who would demand our submission to the bureau-state and its accomplices. Our prime allegiance is with our family and friends and those in our community who we can actually see and converse with. 

We acknowledge the superiority of our system that has balanced and diffused political power so that the individual may live unmolested by busybodies, control freaks, and tyranny.  We respect those who choose belief systems that honor wonderment at creation and speculate a divine consciousness that sides with the good.

We have sought to preserve all that is great about our country and have sought to resist the smoldering rot of cultural decadence and destitution.

The only “hate” we hold is to those who would deprive us happiness and free volition.

We are right and our cause is just. We have every reason to be proud to be conservative and our time of surrender is over.

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